When looking to move from Sisters to Bend, we visited several property management companies in Central Oregon. Some were too busy to take our call, some were very unpleasant and some just didn’t have anything available. But when we contacted Nick Flores at Central Oregon Leasing and Management (COLM) he promptly met us at a property that met our needs and was available right when we needed it to be. The move in process was impeccable! We were walked through every bit of the property, shown how to use everything, given the opportunity to point out anything we were dissatisfied with and we were treated with respect and care.

6 months later, we were due for inspection, but it was hardly an inspection at all. The man showed up with a biscuit for our dog and walked through the house to confirm everything was working okay. Again, with great care it was more of a check in with us to make sure we were okay. I’m sure he checked on the property to make sure we were taking care of it as well, but it was nice not feeling like we were being interrogated or picked apart and we felt as though the visit was for our benefit, not for his.

We have contacted Lori Browning a handful of times, to get the washer and dryer replaced, notify her of some damage from a snow storm and to clarify rent terms and she has always gotten back to us promptly and professionally.

Overall, we have had a great experience with COLM and would certainly recommend them as a property management company from a renters perspective as well as an owners. It is very clear that they care very much for each property as well as the tenants who occupy them.

Posted by: Nicholas on February 22, 2016
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