COLM has managed our rental home in NE Bend for over two years and we have nothing but praise for their work. Lori Browning is outstanding!  She is thorough in vetting potential tenants, diligent with periodic inspections and highly responsive to any questions or concerns. If you want her to manage your property, however, be aware that Lori has high standards – if you are willing to make the investment to get your property in “pristine” condition, she’ll make sure she finds the right tenants to maximize your rental income.  If you’re not inclined to spend a little extra to get the best, then COLM may not be for you. We followed all of Lori’s recommendations regarding repairs, etc. before we put the house up for rent the first time and it was well worth the investment. Because we do not live in the state, it has been especially important to us to know that we have a good property manager and Lori/COLM have surpassed our expectations.

Posted by: Nicholas Flores on March 27, 2015
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