I am a professional cleaner that works in the property management side and have been cleaning for going on 5 years now, I am also a renter:) I’ve found that a lot of tenants have an issue with the cleaning, that is disagreee about what is “clean” or not “clean”. Everyone’s idea of clean is different, my best advice is to check with the landlord and find out exactly what their expectations are, do exactly what they tell you to do, and bring in their cleaning company to check out the place and make sure it is up to specs. (they dont charge you for that, and will guarantee their work if there is a balance left to do). I work for many property managers in Bend, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that COLM is the best! We all agree Lori is the best! Their properties are immaculate, they go the extra mile to ensure they are picking the most responsible renters, and are very organized and detailed when it comes to move-out / in inspections. I very much appreciate  the fast response to my service calls for maintenance or repairs, making sure I have all my insurance docs up to date, the beautiful condition I received the home in. If you are a renter like me, give companies like this a thumbs up for offering a quality product and service to renters like me, I very much appreciate my beautiful home and know what is expected when I move-out….if I ever do;) Also, a side note, in order to keep up maintenance of my rental I actually use all of their contractors, i.e., lawn, carpet cleaning, etc. on a regular basis to keep up the condition so at move-out time i dont have a lot to do, this will help you also, especially is you have a big yard and not a lot of time during the day.

Posted by: Nicholas Flores on March 27, 2015
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