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Brian F. -a year ago

This is our first time renting in over 10 years and I have to say, I am surprised at the level of service we have received. Any time there is an issue with our home all it takes is one quick call to Lori and she will have it resolved immediately. The application process was quick, easy and painless for us. Having always paid our rent in a timely manner, we have had no negative interactions with Lori or COLM, as a matter of fact, we recently even renewed our lease. They seem to be a very reputable company and have a lot of experience and homes in the Central Oregon area, I’ve even referred my neice to them, who is currently looking for a place of her own.

Tom E. -6 months ago

The apartment we rented through Central Oregon leasing and management was a great set up. Lori and her staff were extremely professional and above board with everything. Their communication was clear and concise. Their rates were fair. And they were very responsive to any request that we had. I would recommend COLM to anyone looking in the Central Oregon area for a place to call home.

From the COLM Blog Author: Nicholas Flores 3/27/2015

If you do what you love for a living, you will never have to work another day in your life.

Although my job here at COLM can be challenging at times with deadlines and busy days it has been the most fulfilling and rewarding job I have ever had.

The best part about it are the two ladies I work with in the office who inject me with knowledge and experience in this industry on a daily basis.  I am truly blessed to have the title of Broker’s Assistant here at COLM!!

Melissa V. 3/27/2015

I was only a Tenant for about 3 weeks when I noticed an issue with the dishwasher.  Having an issue as a brand new renter is not fun but after 1 phone call to COLM they had it inspected 2-3 days later and found out the dishwasher needed to be replaced.  Not only did I get a great new home but now I got a new dishwasher for my home.  I also got a relationship with a property management company that is easy and stress free.  It’s nice to know that when a problem arises it will quickly be taken care of.  All of the staff at COLM is extremely courteous and friendly.  Thanks COLM!!!

Tom B. 9/25/2013

I have been a client with Central Oregon Leasing & Management for a number of years. I have always found Lori Browning and her staff professional and fair. The quality of the tenants they found for my rental property has been top notch. The maintenance and the management of the property has been great. I have recommended their service to a number of landlords over the years. If you looking for a truly professional team I would recommend taking a hard look at Central Oregon Leasing and Management.

Anonymous A. 9/27/2013

I am a professional cleaner that works in the property management side and have been cleaning for going on 5 years now, I am also a renter:) I’ve found that a lot of tenants have an issue with the cleaning, that is disagreee about what is “clean” or not “clean”. Everyone’s idea of clean is different, my best advice is to check with the landlord and find out exactly what their expectations are, do exactly what they tell you to do, and bring in their cleaning company to check out the place and make sure it is up to specs. (they dont charge you for that, and will guarantee their work if there is a balance left to do). I work for many property managers in Bend, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that COLM is the best! We all agree Lori is the best! Their properties are immaculate, they go the extra mile to ensure they are picking the most responsible renters, and are very organized and detailed when it comes to move-out / in inspections. I very much appreciate  the fast response to my service calls for maintenance or repairs, making sure I have all my insurance docs up to date, the beautiful condition I received the home in. If you are a renter like me, give companies like this a thumbs up for offering a quality product and service to renters like me, I very much appreciate my beautiful home and know what is expected when I move-out….if I ever do;) Also, a side note, in order to keep up maintenance of my rental I actually use all of their contractors, i.e., lawn, carpet cleaning, etc. on a regular basis to keep up the condition so at move-out time i dont have a lot to do, this will help you also, especially is you have a big yard and not a lot of time during the day.

Linda D. 10/2/2013

A big THUMBS UP for COLM, Lori and her staff.   I have recommended them in the past and will continue to do so.    We find them to be very fair and quick to accommodate both renters and landlords needs.   Regarding their cleaning requirements, I’ve even learned a few tricks from them at my age!    They maintain the same standard of clean, both at move in and move out.    I appreciate their consistency!

Dorothy S. 10/25/2013

Lori Browning and her staff at Central Oregon Leasing and Management have managed our rental property in Bend for more than ten years. COLM is a first rate operation!  they are very conscientious, thorough, and professional.  I have no landlord worries because I know that Lori has things under control.  I LOVE working with COLM and recommend them highly, with no qualms whatsoever!

Linda W. 4/21/2014

We just finished our second time renting through Central Oregon Leading and Management. You know you’re getting a clean property in good condition with this company. We had a couple of issues that needed to be fixed and they were fixed immediately by professionals. Lori, Frank, and Kim have always been pleasant to work with and we are thankful for the quality service they provide. You don’t always find that in property rental companies. We followed the list they gave us when leaving and got all of our deposits back. It’s pretty simple–it’s clean when you move in–clean it the same way when you move out and there’s no problem. Thanks Lori, Frank, and Kim–we appreciate you! The White Elks

John R. 6/17/2014

I have had my home in Bend managed by COLM for a bit over two years, until its recent sale.  They have been excellent.  My primary communication has been with Lori, who is responsive and offers sound advice for a “non professional” landlord.  We rented without a property manager for two years prior to that, and had great difficulty when the tenants moved out.  Had it been managed by COLM that would not have been a problem.  I heartily recommend COLM, and have appreciated them and the contractors they used on my home.

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