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July 11, 2015. Kathleen K. wrote:

Please accept my notice to vacate the property at xxxx. I have enjoyed being a part of your COLM family and “Thank You” for making my transition to Bend a happy experience. I appreciate all you did for me. All the best, Kathleen K.

03/10/2016, Bob wrote: 

Renting from COLM has been great for me also. I like the folks you have that come out to fix or check on things. I enjoy having Frank stop by. We do enjoy visiting for a few minutes each time he comes to check on things. The people I rented from before never fixed anything and then when I moved out it was all my fault. I also appreciate the owner keeping the rent down as much as he can. I’ve had a couple of new renters on each side of me and they are paying a lot more than I am. It is a joy living in this house and I plan on taking very good care of it. Bob

Mike M. -Tenant with COLM

When looking to move from Sisters to Bend, we visited several property management companies in Central Oregon. Some were too busy to take our call, some were very unpleasant and some just didn’t have anything available. But when we contacted Nick Flores at Central Oregon Leasing and Management (COLM) he promptly met us at a property that met our needs and was available right when we needed it to be. The move in process was impeccable! We were walked through every bit of the property, shown how to use everything, given the opportunity to point out anything we were dissatisfied with and we were treated with respect and care.

6 months later, we were due for inspection, but it was hardly an inspection at all. The man showed up with a biscuit for our dog and walked through the house to confirm everything was working okay. Again, with great care it was more of a check in with us to make sure we were okay. I’m sure he checked on the property to make sure we were taking care of it as well, but it was nice not feeling like we were being interrogated or picked apart and we felt as though the visit was for our benefit, not for his.

We have contacted Lori Browning a handful of times, to get the washer and dryer replaced, notify her of some damage from a snow storm and to clarify rent terms and she has always gotten back to us promptly and professionally.

Overall, we have had a great experience with COLM and would certainly recommend them as a property management company from a renters perspective as well as an owners. It is very clear that they care very much for each property as well as the tenants who occupy them.

At 04:55 AM 11/07/2015, Val & Sandy wrote:

Just received the most recent draw check and statement which prompted us to think to notify you to please give the tenants a $100.00 credit toward December’s rent as our holiday gift to them.

Thanks for continuing to do all you do to help “protect our investment.” We talk to people occasionally who tell horror stories about their rental properties (we have one of those in our past as well…) and we always feel so grateful to have such an awesome property manager! The fact that we NEVER worry about what’s going on with the house is a testament to how well you do your job and we hope you know how much we appreciate you.

Hope all is well with you.

Warm regards,
Val and Sandy

At 05:05 AM 11/10/2015, Val & Sandy wrote:
Of course you may post it. We’ll shout your praises from the rooftops if necessary!
Glad the tenants are pleased. Our theory is keep ’em happy and they’ll continue to be good tenants…I’m sure that doesn’t always work but hopefully it does in this case.
Best regards,Sandy and Val

Kindness and professionalism

7/16/15.   Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism. I have enjoyed working with you all at COLM.  Holly F.

Respectful and very fair

At 05:27 PM 10/26/2015, Dana wrote: I received the final statement for the rental today and wanted to take a moment to thank you for working with me in this difficult situation. I feel that you and the property owner were respectful and very fair, and it is nice to know there are still business people out there that treat people like people. I will continue to highly recommend your company as friends move into town. I am beginning to pick up some consulting work and am hoping to remain in Bend, as my children are allowing me to live in my trailer on their property until I get my income up and running again.

Again, I appreciate all you did for me and please pass my thanks on to the property owner as well.


Nicholas, although I am applying for a home not in your selection, you were easily the best Property Manager we saw!!  Take care!!


Linda W. -10/5/2013

This is the third time we’ve rented with COLM. We bought a house after the second time renting with them and just sold it. We checked with them again when looking for another rental because we knew the house would be clean and in good condition. We especially like Frank. He goes through everything with us and if I find something that needs attention before we move in, he gets it done. If we ever have an issue, it’s taken care of immediately. They have always been professional. I’ve rented from many places, but this is the best company I’ve ever rented from and I highly recommend them. Just make sure it’s clean when you leave and there will be no problems. Linda and Reggie

A Google User-6 years ago

I have worked with Lori and her staff in the past as a renter…they have always been very professional and courteous. Keep it up!

Corey S. -a year ago

We have worked with Lori Browning and her staff for many years off and on…not sure what kind of problems the other reviewers have had, but I assume it was for a legitimate reason. COLM is an upstanding, honest company with my best interest in mind…don’t get mad and write a bad review because you didn’t qualify, were a risk, or left your place trashed and didn’t get the cleaning deposit back! We love these guys and highly recommend working with them…

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