While I will agree that they probably do well by their owners and were fine during our tenancy, move out was atrocious. The undisclosed costs (they changed their policies during our tenancy) and losing more than 1/2 our deposit after paying a reputable company $300 to come through and thoroughly clean the home 5 months prior to our move (this included pulling windows off the tracks and cleaning those) was unacceptable.  Then again the week we moved having it professionally cleaned….the charges by COLM were not justifiable. The owners had commented on several walk thrus how impressed they were with the way the inside had been kept. Not to mention we left owner approved upgrades behind. I disagree that many would want to stay with COLM upon move out. I have read several comments similar to mine on other threads. While there are certainly worse management companies out there, I caution you not to be too attached to your deposit.

Posted by: Nicholas Flores on March 27, 2015
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